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Important Role of Credibility and Trust


Summary: Trust and the credibility of the both parties in a Colorado divorce or other family law case is one of the most important issues.  Which one of you is trustworthy?  Judges focus on who is credible and who is not.  The same with your attorney.  Is your attorney credible?


Credibility and Trust May Be The Most Important Issues in Your Colorado Divorce Case

Who is telling the truth and who is most believable is often the most important question in your divorce case because often it is not clear what the true facts are.

Therefore, one of the most important issues in any contested dispute is the honesty and believability of the parties and their attorneys.

Who is to be trusted?

One of the reasons is that often the judge cannot determine what the key facts are, because the facts are in dispute.  Therefore, the judge focuses on the credibility of the parties when deciding what the trust facts are.

Who is the judge going to trust to tell the truth?

This begins with the early disclosure, as required by Colorado law.

it extends into settlement discussions.

It includes the attorneys and their conduct.

And it extends into the trial process.

So, it is critical that you tell the truth and remain trustworthy during the entire process so that you are persuasive in the courtroom.

If you are credible and the other side is not, you may get an award of attorney fees.

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