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Results in Colorado Are Predictable


Summary:  The most important concept to understand when you have a divorce or other family law case, is that in at least 90% of the cases, the result is predictable at the beginning. The other 10% of the cases usually end up as somewhat of a surprise or disappointment.  Why not take the predictable and least expensive approach and get it done up front?


Colorado Divorce and Family Law Cases Are Predictable

Colorado law is pretty clear as to what will most likely result will be in your case.

And therefore why not get it done so that you can save your money, time, family relationships, and brain damage?

Endless haggling and back and forth insults will get you nowhere.  But it will get you a big cost and damaged relationships with family and friends.  (Lawyers like the haggling because it is very profitable to them.)

Especially if you have children.

The law is very clear that property and debt is equitably divided.  In most cases, this means about a 50-50 split.

Parenting time is based on the best interest of the children.  Although parenting time can vary, the trend is for about a 50-50 plan as to the number of overnights with each parent.

Child support is calculated by a computer program.  The program is based on a complicated Colorado statute.  The same program is used by the judges in court.

Maintenance can be negotiated, considering the assets and income potential of both parties.

As long as the parties disclose money, income, other property, and debts, the result is predictable.

The Best Plan For Your Case

The best plan for your case is to get it done with the least total cost.  In terms of fees, time, and the stress on family relationships.  You can do that because of the result is predictable.

When You Should Schedule a Trial in Court

Rarely should you go through a court trial.  Because of the expense and time involved.

However, sometimes you have to.  Especially is one of the parties is hiding money, other property, or income.  Or, is just plain uncooperative.

The Most Efficient Way of Getting Your Case Done When It Seems Like You Can't

If you can't get your case done the easy way, then schedule your case for a trial ASAP.  Setting a trial date puts pressure on both of you to compromise and cooperate.  But if all else fails, then you can use the court to finalize your case.  And you can do it with less cost and less time if you know how.

Permanent orders trials can take as little as 2 to 4 hours of court time.  As long as you are properly prepared with summary exhibits and prepared testimony.

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