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Colorado Child Support Examples


Summary:  8 examples show that child support calculations are complicated and depend on the application of Colorado law to your specific facts. Make sure that an attorney is taking responsibility for getting it right.


Some Colorado Child Support Examples

- Father earns $4,000 per month.

- Mother earns $2,500 per month.

- 2 minor children

1. Example 1. No day care expenses. Parenting time is 50-50, including the number of overnight visits. Mother pays $120/month heath insurance for the 2 children.

- Result: Father pays mother $291/month child support

2. Example 2. Same as Example 1. Except that father has the children less than 92 overnights per year.

- Result: Father pays mother $836/month.

3. Example 3. Same as Example 1, except that day care expenses are $1,100 per month for the 2 children.

- Result: Father pays mother $885 per month.

4. Example 4. Same as Example 2, except that Mother pays $1,100 per month day care expenses for the 2 children.

- Result: Father pays mother $1,430 per month.

Examples 5 through 8 changes: Father earns $6,000/month; Mother earns $4,000/month.

5. Example 5. Same as Example 1 except for income changes. Father pays $330/mo.

6. Example 6. Same as Example 2 except for income changes. Father pays $1,090/mo.

7. Example 7. Same as Example 3, except for income changes. Father pays $930/mo.

8. Example 8. Same as Example 4, except for income changes. Father pays $1,690/mo.

There are many complicating factors not shown in these 4 examples. Make sure that you have an attorney analyze your child support calculations. Mistakes are very costly, because the mistake is multiplied with every monthly child support payment.

Note: Today, some mothers are paying child support to the fathers.

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