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Case #6:  Trial in a Colorado Divorce Court


Summary:  If you have to go to trial, schedule it early and prepare.  Focus on your summary exhibits and the credibility of both of you.


The Keys to a Successful Trial

A contested divorce trial can be done efficiently and cost-effective.

  • Schedule it early in your case.  To put pressure on both of you to cooperate and settle.
  • Prepare summary exhibits, so that you can communicate most effectively with the judge and the other side.  They also help your credibility.
  • Focus on your credibility and the other party's lack of credibility.  It helps the judge decide who is the more truthful and believable and deserving

With the proper preparation, most trials can be done in 4 hours of court time or less.  The idea that you need two to three days is baloney, unless your case is complicated with a small business and other complex financial issues.

(Parenting disputes end predictably and therefore you are usually not going to gain an advantage by going to trial over parenting time.)

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