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Case Studies
Predictable Result
#1: Attorney/Nonadv
#2: Mediator/Nonadv
#3: 2 Attor/Collabor
#4: 2 Attor/Mediat
#5: 2 Attor/Late Med.
#6: 2 Attor/Trial

Credibility & Trust
Credibility & Trust

Different Cases
Divorce & Separ.
Common Law Mar.
Alloc. Parenting
Living Together

Money & Separating
Moving to 2 Homes

Court Process
90 Day Requiremnt
Petition & Response
Temp. Injunction
Status Conference
Mandatory Disclos.
Hiding Money
Temporary Orders
Parenting Class
Ordered Mediation
Restore Name
Separation Agrmnt.
Permanent Orders
Contested Hearings
Summary Exhibits
Use of Experts
Cost of Litigation

Domestic Violence
Violence & Protect.

Property & Debt
Marital vs. Separate
Existing Residence
Personal Property
Marital Trust
Small Business
Debt Division

Co-Parenting Time
Child Support Guide
Income for Support
Calc. Examples
Assign & Sup Regis.
CFI Investigators
Moving Away


Tax Effects
Taxes & Family Law

Enforce Orders
Contempt of Court

Change Orders
Modify Child Support
Modify Maintenance

PreNuptial Agrmnt
Marital Agreements

Family Estate Plans
Revocation of Plans

Credit Counseling
Credit Counseling

Marriaget Counseling
Marriage Counseling

Appeal Orders

Our Fees
Our Fees

Colorado Divorce & Family Law Attorney - Fixed Fees

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  Get a free written plan & Guide at free consultation.   Fixed attorney fee vs. hourly fees, avoid runaway fees.   Mistakes as to support income.   Separating to two different homes, mediate budgets.  
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  Avoid hiring a CFI.   Start with mediation.   Get contested hearing for less $.   Modifying child support & maint.  
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  Avoid contempt of court if you can.   Division of property & debt, & the home.   Key importance of truth, credibility.   Learned optimism, time heals.  

Most Fees Are Fixed, Based on Complexity and Difficulty

ideo on How to Get Your Free Written Plan

Video on Winning by Telling the Truth

Free 70 Page Colorado Guide & Written Plan at Free Consultation

Your divorce or other family law matter is one of the most difficult procedures that you will do in your lifetime.

The result is usually predictable because of how Colorado law is applied by the courts.

That is a good reason to get your case done ASAP. You should be able to get your case completed, including the completion of all documents, even before your case is filed with the court.

With the proper help, you can get your case completed with a minimum of attorney fees and costs, time, while saving family relationships. Most retainers at the beginning of a case are in the $1500 to $2500 range.

Except that the pre-fiiing mediation retainer is usually $1,000. And a document review is usually $300.

You might begin by reviewing the case studies, to consider the approach that might work the best for you.

The case studies are summarized as follows:

Make sure that you focus on your credibility as well as the other party's credibility because of its importance in your case.

Although mediation or a similar approach is usually the most effective, sometimes that option is not available to you.

If you cannot begin with a mediated approach, then at least move forward in a spirit of cooperation.

But, if you can't mediate effectively, then the best way to get the case done is to schedule a permanent orders hearing as soon as possible.  Don't drag out the process for months while you are getting nothing done and paying a lot of attorney fees.

The pages on this web site are here for your reference.

Ask a question if you want immediate additional help.

Or schedule an appointment for a free initial consultation.  At that meeting you will receive a free written plan as a proposed road map for your case.  You will also receive a free copy of our book on Colorado Divorce and Family Law.


Updated February 2, 2011.





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