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Case Studies
Predictable Result
#1: Attorney/Nonadv
#2: Mediator/Nonadv
#3: 2 Attor/Collabor
#4: 2 Attor/Mediat
#5: 2 Attor/Late Med.
#6: 2 Attor/Trial

Credibility & Trust
Credibility & Trust

Different Cases
Divorce & Separ.
Common Law Mar.
Alloc. Parenting
Living Together

Money & Separating
Moving to 2 Homes

Court Process
90 Day Requiremnt
Petition & Response
Temp. Injunction
Status Conference
Mandatory Disclos.
Hiding Money
Temporary Orders
Parenting Class
Ordered Mediation
Restore Name
Separation Agrmnt.
Permanent Orders
Contested Hearings
Summary Exhibits
Use of Experts
Cost of Litigation

Marriage Counseling
Marriage Counseling

Domestic Violence
Violence & Protect.

Property & Debt
Marital vs. Separate
Existing Residence
Personal Property
Marital Trust
Small Business
Debt Division

Co-Parenting Time
Child Support Guide
Income for Support
Calc. Examples
Assign & Sup Regis.
CFI Investigators
Moving Away


Tax Effects
Taxes & Family Law

Enforce Orders
Contempt of Court

Change Orders
Modify Child Support
Modify Maintenance

PreNuptial Agrmnt
Marital Agreements

Family Estate Plans
Revocation of Plans

Credit Counseling
Credit Counseling

Appeal Orders

Our Fees
Our Fees






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